The scholarship event set for June 13 @ Big Hill will be rescheduled to Melvern for this season. The postponements and delays caused by safety concerns due to Covid 19 have brought about the change. We will be combining the Scholarship event with Mr Bass on the weekend of June 13/14. Each event will still be held separately- details to follow in the KBN Members Lounge.

I can assure you that this was a very difficult decision to make, understanding the significance of Big Hill to the memory of Frank Stong and the Cherryvale Bassmasters. We make this announcement with every intention to return to Big Hill in 2021.

A revised 2020 schedule will be posted in the coming days.

Again, the specific details of each event will be shared in the KBN members lounge group as they become known. Speaking on behalf of the Tournament Committee, crew, and rest of the KBN board, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.
Danny Barrett

KBN Tournament Director