This is the Revised KBN 2020 schedule. Quite a year 2020 has been thus far, and hopefully we’re reaching the end of Covid 19 pandemic.

At the same time, I should preface that we WILL follow Covid 19 protocols to the letter, as conditions/restrictions apply to each event. Those protocols will be addressed ahead of time and posted.

Also as promised, I have kept the dates originally posted last November. To be 100% honest, it was sheer “dumb luck” on my part that we are able to do so 🤣🤣. Here’s the new plan, I’ll have answers in the comments. 😎

June 13- KBN Scholarship/Stong Memorial- Melvern

June 14- Mr Bass- Melvern

June 27/28- 1st Qualifier- Grand ( Martin Landing)

July 11- Sunflower Games Big Bass -Melvern

July 18/19- 4man/Team Series- Milford (permit pending)

August 29/30- 4man/Team Series- Milford

September 19/20- 2nd Qualifier - Wilson

October 14-16 BASS Central Regional

October 24/25- Fun 4man ( no points) or makeup date.