Mr. BASS Cancelation due to C-19

3/19/20 Mr Bass Postponed Continued:

Good morning All;

Lots of things to try and cover during the Live on Tuesday and I forgot to clarify ( even with notes 🤣)

As we monitor the situation and work towards rescheduling Mr Bass, I wanted to clarify that we aren’t scrapping the posted schedule. We’ll still need to work with the dates posted last November 16. We are fortunate to have a makeup date built into our 2020 lineup ( July 18/19), and if absolutely necessary, the last 4man in October (the no points one) could be bumped to accommodate a qualifying event. Some had messaged after the video to remind/inform me of set club schedules, events, etc.... Thanks very much for your messages!

Soooooo, in less than 48 hours since the video, we’ve now seen Corps of Engineers limiting lake access in Missouri and Kansas. Lots of tournaments being affected, not just us. Probably going to get worse before it turns around.

My promise to each of you; we will provide our membership with as much of a “normal” season as we’re allowed to. 🙏🏻😎👍🏻

Stay tuned, be safe. 😎