Officer nominations begin August 1 and end August 31. Nominations for officers must be received by the President either in writing or e-mail, including the nominees name, e-mail address, club affiliation and phone number. Members cannot submit their own name for nomination. This year the following officer positions are up for election; President, Treasurer, Tournament Director, Kayak Director, Conservation Director, and Media Director.

Qualifier Format submissions are due by August 22, 2022. At the February 2022 business meeting the Reps passed a bylaw amendment. This is the final version that was approved;. "All Qualifier format proposals, including the current format, must be submitted to the KBN President at least 90 days prior to the fall meeting. The Bylaws Committee will review all formats for typographical, rules, or bylaws errors. If errors are found, the proposal is sent back to the original author for revision and re-submission. Final version requires submission to the President at least 45 days in advance of the fall meeting. The President must send the final versions, and the current format, to the clubs at least 45 days prior to the fall meeting. Once the final versions and current format have been submitted, to the clubs, they stand as written with no amending at the Business meeting."

While Qualifier format submissions can be made by any member it is suggested that clubs meet and discuss format possibilities. Discussion between members and/or clubs might decrease potentially redundant versions. As the Fall business meeting is scheduled for November 19 the deadline for Qualifier format submissions is August 22. So just a little over two months to discuss, compose, and submit format proposals.

KBN Frank Stong Memorial Scholarship tournament is September 24. This is our fundraising event for our scholarship program. Entry fee is $40 per team and 100% of the entries goes towards the scholarship fund. For the past several years we awarded $1500 in scholarships each year. To maintain the $1500 in awards we need 38 entries each year. Here are a couple ways you and/or your club can support this program; show up and fish, pay your entry even if you can't fish, make a donation of give-away items.

Applicants for the scholarship must be KBN members or family of members. The application is on the KBN website with an application deadline of February 1. Some of the required application information is time sensitive so the suggestion is to apply towards the end of the year.