Twin Rivers Gen 4… Better than Hummingbird


Twin Rivers Bass Club has what we feel is a pretty extraordinary thing in their 2021 club membership. This year Conner Collins has joined their club. What makes this interesting is that Conner is the great grandson of Bob Drake Sr. Now if that wasn't enough to peak your interest, would the fact that Bob's son, Bob Jr. Is in the club as well? How bout if you knew Bob's grandson David Drake was competing as well... that's right, Twin Rivers has four generations of fisherman that are active members in the club. Bob Drake Sr. and his son Bob Drake Jr. Grandson David Drake and now great grandson . While this may be the first time it has ever happened, it should not surprise anyone that Bob Sr. Is a lucky great grandfather... he always has someone to hit the lake with, and we hope it continues for years to come... Can you say great, great grandson?