2022 KBN Officer Elections

Election of Officers :

Officers shall be elected, by the Representatives, at the Nation’s Fall Business Meeting.
The term of office will be two years, with officers serving from January 1 st to December 31 st of their respective
terms, providing that the current officer is in compliance with all the rules. Election of the following Officers
will be held during the even numbered calendar years: Vice-President, Secretary, Youth Director, and Sponsor Director.


Nomination of Officers :

Nominations for Nation officers shall be received by the President either in writing or
by the use of e-mail, including the nominees name, e-mail address, club affiliation and phone number, beginning
August 1 st , but no later than August 31 st of the election year. Nominees will be contacted to verify that they will
accept the nomination. A list of the candidates will be sent to each club’s President for discussion at their Club
meetings. Nominations will only be valid if submitted by members
in good standing. Nominations will not be accepted from a member who submits a nomination on his/her own

Officer Eligibility : Candidates must meet all membership requirements of their Club and the Nation.

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  1. My son has joined in the high school division and plans on perusing a career in Wildlife and Fishing Mgt with an emphasis in Fisheries Mgt.

    My goal is to become as connected as possible in order to help my son achieve his life/career goals

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